CLICK HERE FOR A CUSTOM BALING WIRE PRICE QUOTE is a direct seller and major supplier of Industrial Baling Wire or a.k.a Bailing Wire, Baler Wire, Bail Wire and Bale Ties. We stock and sell all types of baling wire and ship through multiple warehouses around the US.  We take and ship orders in quantities from one bundle of Single Loop Bale Ties to full truck load quantities of Boxed Baling Wire, Box Bailing Wire, Stump or Stem Coiled Baling Wire. Our experienced, full time, office staff will help you determine the correct baling wire sizes, prices, and application plus offer full Tier Repairs, Parts, and Adjustments.  Ask about our repair training on all Industrial Baler Wire Tiers including our own home based, factory run, hands on, U.S. Wire Tier / Legget and Platt Training Facility. 

Single Loop Bale Ties- Pre-cut lengths of special Bale Tie Wire with one end having a pre-formed loop to facilitate bale tying.  Commonly sold in 12, 13, 14 gauge thicknesses and most commonly cut to lengths from 12 foot to 21 foot.  Packaged in bundles of 125 or 250 counts to keep weight below 75 lbs./bndle.  Manufactured plain as Black Annealed Wire or coated with Galvanizing or Painted to prevent rust and make handling cleaner.  Used to tie bales of most materials as typical made in Vertical Balers and Closed End Horizontal Balers.  

Double Loop Bale Ties- Pre-cut lengths of bale wire with both ends bent with a loop.  Loops can be snapped together without the twisting required by single loop wire.  Since wire does not require bending by hand, bale tie off is faster and heavier guages or higher strength wire types can be used.  Double loops are a great choice for high production applications and bales of materials that have a high degree of memory or expansion force. 

Boxed Wire- Made from special Black Annealed Bale Wire. Specified for use on virtually all brands of single ram auto tie balers.  Typically packed in 100 pound boxes (36 Boxes per Skid) but also can be bought in 50 pound boxes (45 Boxes per Skid).  Sold by the skid/pallet.  Lightly oiled to prevent rust and lubricate feed system.  Most commonly used sizes are 10, 11, and 12 gauges.  

Black Annealed Stem or Carrier Wire - Same baler wire as used in the Boxed Wire but sold on carriers ranging from 1200 - 1800 pounds.  Used on high production Single Ram Auto-Tie Balers. 

High Tensile Carrier Wire- Special baling wire made for two ram balers utilizing strapper style tiers such as from US Wire Tier, Legget and Platt, Girrard, Accent, and Cranston.  Sold on carriers ranging from 1200-1800 pounds. Commonly sold in 10, 11, and 12 gauges. 

  • Manufactured from premium stock to OEM Baler manufacturer specifications.
  • Sold in thicknesses of 10,11,12,13,14 and 15 gauge.
  • Precut in standard lengths of 6 to 24 feet
  • packaged in 125 & 250 count bundles
  • Choice of Galvanized Bale Ties, Painted Bale Ties, Black Annealed Bale Ties, Kleen Green Bale Ties.
  • Ask about volume discounts on full skids.
  • Wires"snap" together for quick hand ties.
  • Perfect for applications requiring fast ties of a super strong heavy gauge bale tie.
  • 9 to14 gauge available
  • Custom manufactured to exact per inch size.
  • Special Black Annealed Wire sold dry or oiled. Specifically manufactured for trouble free operation in Automatic Balers.
  • Sold in 9,10,11,12 gauge sizes
  • Packaged in 100# boxes or our new easy to lift 50 pound boxes.
  • Strand annealed and bulk annealed wire available.
  • Black annealed baling wire identical to box wire but shipped coiled continuously on wire carriers weighing 1200-1800 lbs.
  • Used for very high production Automatic Single Ram Auto-Tie Balers.
  • Wire found typically on Two Ram Balers utilizing strapper style tiers
  • Meets specifications for Tiers from brands such as U.S. Wire Tier, Legget and Platt (LP Wire Tiers), Girard, Cranston Machinery, and Accent Wire.
  • Made to special High Tensile Wire or Ultra High Tensile Wire standards for the Recycling/Baling Industry with as pecial smooth coated galvanized finish.
  • Shipped on wire carriers, stumps or stems weighing 1200-1800 lbs.
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